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   In these Videos, Max Sansalone clearly explains and demonstrates, step by step , exercises that he’s learned over the last 20 years as a session player, live performer and teacher.  Several exercises were passed down to him by great teachers he had the opportunity to study with. Others he created through discovering weaknesses in his own drumming while performing live and in  studio , as well as receiving constructive criticism from producers and musicians and sometimes even getting fired for not cutting the gig. 

These are basic exercises that will improve your overall drumming from the bottom up no matter what style you play, in addition to correcting fundamental problems that affect drumming on every level.

Here are some comments from drummers who bought the Videos 

Very informative lessons Im so glad I purchased it. If you do another video... Keep me informed. Thanks again! 



After 25 years of my own drumming journey, you have opened my mind and spirit to an exciting new beginning. I just bought your dvd and have decided to give myself over entirely to you teaching. I am looking forward to a slow and exciting new chapter in my playing. Thank YOU!!!!  



if you follow and practice the lessons on this video, it will without doubt greatly improve your drumming skills, I've been watching it for several weeks now and I have discovered many areas I need to work on, one of the most informative instructional videos I've bought, and I think also the cheapest. As a working drummer myself, these are the necessary skills you need to learn to become a versatile, musical and tasteful player. Next best thing to getting lessons from the man himself. 

Dean Wuksta aka 'naedsukram' 


Massimo - 

Thank you for making this DVD I have dozens of instructional drum DVD's and 

yours in my opinion ranks up there as one of the most important drum videos 

on the market keep me posted on part 2 please , 

Thank you , 

Michael Lattanzio 


Dear Max 

I just watched Part I of your video and it was great. Congratulations. Eagerly awaiting Part II and beyond.  

Thanks so much! 



Hallo Max, 

thanks a lot for your inspirational and delicate video which I've just downloaded as well as your lessons on you tube. 

It is a heartfelt and warm pleasure to meet a musician like you, though only via internet. 

My best regards to you 

Matthias Melziarek 


Max - Wonderful, informative video. I like your relaxed approach to teaching. This really focuses on the "art" of playing. Just recently started playing again for personal enjoyment after a 20 year break. This video has really made me re-evaluate how I approach a song. Any drummer that practices your drills and heeds your advice, will notice a significant improvement in their playing. Thanks for putting this together. I'll be looking forward to your next video.  

Steve - SteveBDrums on YouTube 


I just watched the last 40 minutes of your DVD and I thought I should tell you about some "fresh" moments I had with you yesterday and today. I am 38 and am sharing many of your thoughts that you are talking about in your lessons, of course there is plenty that I will continue to work on right away tomorrow, but all in all I completely see you and your picture. Your Steve Gadd exercise led me to you yesterday and I thought, yes, this is something my little students that play and enjoy this exercise as well will immediately see the next time I see them. Then your DVD today and a big smile on my face, fantastic to have met you, I must say thank you! 

Peace, brother! Jakob  


Massimo , i just wanted to thank you for a very enlightening 2 hours plus. The segment on the mind stuff i particularly felt at a deep level. Your manner and playing throughout the dvd is truly inspiring even to a 30 year player like my self. I feel like a kid again and can't wait to get out into that cold shed. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks! 

Thanks again mate... sincere regards Joe